Fusion is here for you

Company basic data:

  • Business name: Fusion its doo
  • Tax number: 105837507
  • Registry number: 20473169
  • Phone: 011/4054-754
  • Bank: Banca Intesa a.d.
  • Bank account (IBAN): RS35160005380003482107
  • Swift code: DBDBRSBG
  • Registry code: 6201 (Computer programming)
  • Founded: 2008
  • Headquarters: Vojvode Stepe 101, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
  • Development center: Kapetana Miodraga Miletića 2, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
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Our journey

During the time focus has changed, here are some milestones in our history

Still here with you

Ready to work hard and improve.

Blue Couch Digital

Started collaboration with Blue Couch Digital and entered international market.

Octopos SAAS

Changed licensing for Octopos and made huge growth.

Public Administration

Implementation of many services in Serbian Customs. Implementation of Time Reporting application in Telekom Srbija a.d.

Microsoft Partnership

Became Microsoft preferred partner in Serbia.

Fusion Foundation

Started Fusion company and work in local market.


First version of our well known solution.